As a scholar and teacher in sociology, I study the factors shaping LGBTQ identities and activism from transnational and intersectional perspectives. Specifically, I’ve studied gay men’s experience of parental acceptance in the United States and India; the use of politics of alignment as non-disruptive tactics by American LGBT workplace activists to win policy outcomes from Fortune 500 corporations; Indian gay men and lesbians’ use of competing sexual schemas to construct transnational sexuality; and Indian LGBTQ activists’ simultaneous use of strategies of assimilation and difference to pursue their goals. I’m a first generation PhD scholar, a Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow (The US Department of State, 2012-13), a Social Science Merit Fellow (UC Irvine, 2015-20), and a recipient of the James Harvey Scholar Award (UC Irvine, 2020) for my works on sexualities. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters in Quality Management, and a PhD in Sociology.

I teach courses on sociology of sex & gender, race & ethnicity, health, globalization, social movements & collective action, social problems, and sociology of sexuality. My research works come from various peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes such as Gender, Work & Organization, Handbook of Research in Workforce Diversity: Technologies & Concepts, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Management and Labour Studies, Sexualities, Sociology Compass, Socio-Economic Review, South Asian Journal of Management, and the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sexuality Studies

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