As a scholar and teacher in sociology, I study the factors shaping LGBTQ identities and activism from intersectional and transnational perspectives. My award-winning journal article from Socio-Economic Review shows, using the case of the adoption of sex-reassignment health benefits by Fortune 500 employers, how and under what conditions social movement actors challenge their target entities using the politics of alignment, instead of mounting contentious protests on them, and win favorable outcomes from them. My other works have been published in Gender, Work & Organization, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Management and Labour Studies, Sexualities, Sociology Compass, South Asian Journal of Management, and the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sexuality Studies. Currently, I’m working on a book on parental acceptance of gay men in the US and India, which was the topic of my PhD dissertation. Other works-in-progress are on the use of alignment in insider activism, an intersectional study of workplace incivility experienced by LGBTQ people, and the policy outcomes of LGBTQ workplace movement.

I teach/ have taught sociology of sex & gender, sociology of sexuality, social movements & collective action, social problems, globalization, and race, culture & health. I’m also enthusiastic about teaching introductory sociology, sociological theory, qualitative research methods, social inequality, sociology of culture, and several other sociological topics. I was the chair of ASA’s Student Forum Advisory board (2019-20) and a board member of the SSSP (2018-20). I’ve served as a graduate student council member in ASA’s sections on Sex & Gender (2016-18) and Sexualities (2018-19). I have a PhD in Sociology, an MS in Quality Management, and a BE in Mechanical Engineering. I was a Fulbright Doctoral & Professional Research Fellow from India in the University of Connecticut in 2012-13 and have been awarded the James Harvey Scholar Award 2020 for my works on sexualities. I speak Bangla, English, and Hindi fluently and have a basic/working knowledge of Gujarati and Sanskrit. 

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